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Orion Father-Son Club

The goal is to have dads spend time and have with their sons while also meeting other dads who are interested in the formation of their children.

Age range: 1st – 5th grades

Our schedule for the night is as follows:

6:45      Arrive at Layton Study Center

7:00      A meditation is given by a Priest and a talk for the dads given by one of the fathers.

7:25      Time for Confession

8:10      Depart from Layton for the evening activity

9:10      Short talk on a virtue

9:15      Stop for Ice Cream

Some of the scheduled activities are: 

  • Sledding
  • Going to the Gymnastics Barn
  • Football
  • Capture the flag
  • Kickball
  • Board Game night


For more information please contact:


Don Lawinger


414-617-8031 cell

262-703-0698 home