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Orion Father-Son Club

The goal is to have dads spend time with their sons while also meeting other dads who are interested in the formation of their children.

Age range: 1st – 5th grades

Our schedule for the night is as follows:

6:45      Arrive at Layton Study Center

7:00      A meditation is given by a Priest and a talk for the dads given by one of the fathers.

7:25      Time for Confession

8:10      Depart from Layton for the evening activity

9:10      Short talk on a virtue

9:15      Stop for Ice Cream

Some of the scheduled activities are: 

  • Sledding
  • Going to the Gymnastics Barn
  • Football
  • Capture the flag
  • Kickball
  • Board Game night


For more information please contact:

 Peter Andrastek